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Adam W. Dace
In the hopes of narrowing down exactly what it is about this setting that seems to make pages load faster, I reset my
Mac OS X machine to default shared memory settings.

I then tried my usual tests once more, and unfortunately still 8MB beats out 2MB for this setting on startup.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Set the setting, then restart ATS.
2) Start browser(Bing as a homepage loads a bit faster).
3) Surf your usual homepage on Facebook.
4) Click on your name on Facebook.  Scroll down several times.  This page in particular loads faster.  I'm not sure why.
5) Try a Bing image search(preferably not cached), keep an eye on the results page.  Scroll down once or twice.  This page renders faster.
6) Compare

I'll try to start digging into the ATS v4.0.2 codebase to see exactly why this might be the case.


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