Using plantuml and requiring Java to build TS docs

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Using plantuml and requiring Java to build TS docs

Alan Carroll-2
I have been using plantuml to generate diagrams and I have found it works well. You can see some examples of it in use here -
The source for the diagrams is here -

Although it's quite nice, it comes as a jar file and so requires local Java to be installed. I have looked around for some mechanism to package this up in to a single executable but have not found anything really suitable.

This is more debatable now that the documentation isn't built unless specifically enabled and installing Java is not a high hurdle. If I'm the only one who builds the docs locally I am OK with this. Or, if some one can package up plantuml.jar without requiring Java, that would be cool as well.

There is a Sphinx extension for plantuml to allow in line diagrams, as shown here - - you can see how it works by clicking on the "Show Source" link.

Any thoughts?