Outbound transparent is not working

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Outbound transparent is not working

vijay sharma
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Hi All,

For my project i wanted to use "outbound transparent" (tr-out). So the setup looks like :

client ---> ATS ---> Server

Here client = curl request. (curl -x ATS_IP:IN_BOUND_PORT x.y.z.a:3000 -vvv)

ATS = Apache traffic Server (with record config "CONFIG proxy.config.http.server_ports STRING tr-in:80 ipv6:tr-in:80 tr-in:3128 ipv6:tr-in:3128 tr-out:3000 ipv6:tr-out:3000")

Server = A python program (listening on x.y.z.a:3000) which prints ip address for incoming request.

As per documentation for "proxy.config.http.server_ports tr-out", after setting tr-out:3000 server should see client IP instead of ATS.
But this is not happening. I am still seeing Client IP in python program(server)'s output.

Need you help on :
1) Am I missing any parameter ?
2) Ssl is not enabled, is there anything else with can block outbound transparent ?
3) for outbound transparent do i need any iptable/route modification ?

Please reply if you can provide any help on my issue.