No logs without proxy.config.http.enable_http_stats=1

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No logs without proxy.config.http.enable_http_stats=1

Mark Moseley
(ATS 4.1.1, Ubuntu Precise 64-bit)

This may easily be chalked up to 'well, that's how it's supposed to work', but I figured I'd ask anyway.

I was scratching my head trying to figure out why I couldn't get any of the http logging working. strace'ing would show ATS opening the files, optionally rotating old ones, but never actually writing anything to them.

I was going through all the options that were different from the out-of-the-box config that the source comes with and finally got logging working when I switched my config from proxy.config.http.enable_http_stats=0 to =1. It could be somehow interacting with other settings I've got, but I could definitely enable and disable logging by toggling that option.

I can definitely see the connection between the two things, stats and logging (of those stats). I had taken the warning in the configs, "The HTTP stats are expensive, turn off you don't need them", so I had turned that option off. But I expected that it referred to the various HTTP UI pages you can poke around the various ATS statistics with, not anything to do with logging.

* Is that supposed to disable logging?

* Is the "The HTTP stats are expensive, turn off you don't need them" warning still apply in current versions of ATS?

*Summary logging is very cool. Is there a selector or something that you can apply to a logging tag? I'm trying to get the HIT vs MISS stats in the summary. Something like "%<COUNT(crc==HIT)> %<COUNT(crc=MISS)>" would be pretty cool to be able to do.

Thanks! Sorry for all the questions.