Missing Metrics in ATS 7.1.2

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Missing Metrics in ATS 7.1.2

Hello Everyone,

We recently upgraded our Traffic Server instance to 7.1.2 from 5.3.1, and it
looks like some metrics are missing that were previously being populated in
our /_stats page.

I'm specifically interested in proxy.node.cache_hit_mem_ratio.  

Looking through the ATS source code, it does seems like there are references
to it, but for some reason it's not populating on our page.  I also still
see references to it in the documentation, so I'm assuming it's still


Seems to indicate proxy.node.cache_hit_mem_ratio is computed like so:

float 'proxy.node.cache_hit_mem_ratio' [[
    proxy.node.cache_total_hits_mem   /
    proxy.node.cache_total_hits   +

Which depends on the other following metrics:

counter 'proxy.node.cache_total_hits' [[
  return proxy.process.http.cache_hit_fresh +
    proxy.process.http.cache_hit_revalidated +
    proxy.process.http.cache_hit_ims +

counter 'proxy.node.cache_total_hits_mem' [[
  return proxy.process.http.cache_hit_mem_fresh

counter 'proxy.node.cache_total_misses' [[
    proxy.process.http.cache_miss_cold            +
    proxy.process.http.cache_miss_changed         +
    proxy.process.http.cache_miss_client_no_cache +
    proxy.process.http.cache_miss_ims             +

Our 'total_hits' and 'total_misses' values are not populating, despite the
following relevant data being available:

"proxy.process.http.cache_lookups": 246919,
"proxy.process.http.cache_writes": 32009,
"proxy.process.http.cache_updates": 0,
"proxy.process.http.cache_deletes": 0,
"proxy.process.http.cache_hit_fresh": 214440,
"proxy.process.http.cache_hit_mem_fresh": 164801,
"proxy.process.http.cache_hit_revalidated": 0,
"proxy.process.http.cache_hit_ims": 0,
"proxy.process.http.cache_hit_stale_served": 0,
"proxy.process.http.cache_miss_cold": 32434,
"proxy.process.http.cache_miss_changed": 0,
"proxy.process.http.cache_miss_client_no_cache": 0,
"proxy.process.http.cache_miss_client_not_cacheable": 391,
"proxy.process.http.cache_miss_ims": 0,
"proxy.process.http.cache_read_error": 0,
"proxy.process.http.cache_write_errors": 0,
"proxy.process.http.cache_read_errors": 0,

Is anyone aware of some configuration that would be preventing this? Or some
other issue that would prevent the metrics from appearing?

I've attached the full output of our /_stats page for reference.

Thanks very much in advance.


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Re: Missing Metrics in ATS 7.1.2

Oh dear...I just realized that our metrics.config file was zeroed out!  Added
it back correctly, and it looks fine now!

Thanks for your help anyway!


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