403 Tunnel Forbidden for URLs in remap.config

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403 Tunnel Forbidden for URLs in remap.config

Giuseppe Cofano
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Hi all,

I cannot understand this behaviour. I am able to use ATS as a http forward proxy, forwarding to http and https websites. In the second case I can see the CONNECT flow working fine, like this request:

curl --proxy https://www.google.com 

I see the CONNECT, then the 200 OK and finally the SSL tunnel is established.

But when I try to do the same by inserting a remap in remap.config, it fails with a 403 Tunnel Forbidden. For instance:

map https://www.google.com https://www.google.com 

I get 403 as an answer to the CONNECT request. If I do with http:

map http://www.google.com https://www.google.com 

it works, because it is not using a CONNECT.

I need to do this because my forward proxy must not allow all requests, I want to allow only specific websites enabling the remap_required flag and explicitly indicating the permitted ones.

Any help would be appreciated :)

Thank you,